Change in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy happens by learning new behavior and replacing the old maladaptive behaviors.  The new behaviors, which come from mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance skills, can allow you to take back your power and live with wisdom.  Change comes through practice.

DBT Skills Groups and individual therapy are perfectly suited for New York City living, working and studying, because all of NYC becomes your laboratory for applying skills and learning from your experiences.  Learning also becomes fun, too!  With time, you can gain success with using skills. You may feel enlivened, because of these successes.  Through positive feedback loops, you may want to use them more, and you may find yourself becoming even more skillful.  Though there are bumps in the road, you may be able to rise through the challenges and feel resilient, a skill in of itself.  With practice, you can get better, and more adept at problem solving life’s challenges and harnessing life’s opportunities.

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