DBT Coaching and DBT Training for Professionals offer tools for success.

As a business executive, healthcare professional, arts or educational leader, you may feel pressed to show marks of success.

Sometimes, the costs of attaining these accolades can be too high.

Overtime, your motivation to continue along a chosen path can dwindle and yet you might not be certain how to make the next move.

If you are looking for some clarity or some breathing space, DBT Coaching and DBT Training for Professionals can help you utilize your existing talents to:

Deepen self-understanding
to increase sense of
• Purpose
• Balance
• Effectiveness
• Power
• Hope
• Optimism
• Strength
• Wisdom
• Endurance
• Passion
• Curiosity
• Discovery
Improve Your Skills to

• Handle knowing, not knowing, and life’s non-linearity
• Evaluate options under uncertainty
• Analyze
• Intuit
• Calculate Risk-Reward, Cost-Benefit, Opportunity Cost
• Measure arbitrage
• Make choices
• Take perspective
• Increase mastery and performance abilities
Realize Goals through

• Action plans where values lead to Actions through Goals Strategies and Tactics
• Enhanced Problem Solving Skills
• Effective use of emotions
• Building of strong relationship networks
• Improved management transitions and stress
• Systemic development


Some Potential Benefits of DBT Coaching and DBT Training and Individual or Group Psychotherapy  for Professionals across Domains of
Work, Personal, Family, and Friendship.


Seeking an Advanced Graduate Level course in Effectiveness Training?

DBT Coaching and DBT Training or Individual or Group Psychotherapy for Professionals could be helpful.

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Consider these Questions:

  1. Are you seeking to build a life of worth where earnings and income from money, occupation, relationships are full of wealth in terms authenticity, relevance, and meaning?
  2. Has the work-life mix left you with feelings of burnout?
  3. Are you feeling the need to re-balance your life, but are unsure how to do so?

With DBT Coaching and DBT Training for Professionals you can learn to:

  1. Tap into your inherent wisdom and interest to grow.
  2. Draw upon your strengths in various areas of your life to make improvements in other domains.
  3. Use your capacities to learn to empower yourself to become more effective.


Prospective clients get a complimentary
20-minute phone consultation.

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Doctor Matthew Mandelbaum, PhD, MSEd, MA works at the intersection of psychology, education, and social entrepreneurship to help professionals, executives, organizations, and emerging adults thrive.





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