Dialectical Behavior Therapy is one of our excellent New York City psychotherapy options.  We seek to help you improve your personal, familial, social, spiritual, and professional effectiveness and satisfaction.

Regarding Insurance:  Though we do not participate on insurance panels at this time, out-of-network and private pay options are available.  Contact us now to discuss how we can help you.

We offer many types of psychotherapy services in the New York City area:

  • Individual Psychotherapy, Individual Skills Training, and Groups for Professionals in Business, Healthcare, the Arts, and Education: We help professionals become more skillful problem-solvers, and become more authentic, more resilient, and build lives of worth.
  • Executive Effectiveness Training: We help executives sharpen their effectiveness at work and home to transform challenges into success.
  • Individual Psychotherapy and Groups for University Students for Academic and Social-Emotional Learning and Achievement: We help university students be successful in all arenas of school-life.
  • Individual Psychotherapy and Groups for Emerging Adults: We help emerging adults develop their talents and hone skills to build more fulfilling, action-oriented lives.

Dr. Matthew G. Mandelbaum, PhD is intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy as a first cohort member of the 2-year Linehan Institute Behavioral Tech DBT-Team-Building Intensive for Independent Practitioners.

Contact dr.matthew.mandelbaum@gmail.com or 212.933.0758 for a free 20-minute consultation to discuss DBT in NYC.

Through DBT Psychotherapy in NYC, you can develop positivity in multiple aspects of your life in many ways:

1)  You can Deepen Self-understanding and increase your sense of
Purpose, Endurance, Balance, Curiosity, Hope, Optimism, and Power.

2) You can Improve Your Skills to

• Handle knowing and not knowing.
• Take perspective.
• Be flexible and responsive with life’s non-linearity.
• Evaluate options under uncertainty.
• Make choices.

3) You can Realize Goals through

• Being aware of the moment.
• Using enhanced problem-solving skills.
• Developing positive emotions.
• Building strong relationship networks.
• Improving transitions and stress management.

How can we help you? We offer a complimentary 20-minute consultation.  Please contact dr.matthew.mandelbaum@gmail.com or 212.933.0758 to discuss New York City psychotherapy options with DBT in NYC.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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