The Point of DBT

• DBT can help you cope with life’s challenges!
• DBT can help you handle ambiguity!
• DBT can help you find your authentic self!
• DBT can help you build a life of worth!

What to Expect:
• Expect to learn specific strategies and tactics for making life meaningful and productive across domains of work, family, and friendship.
• Expect to develop several alternatives for solving problems.
• Expect to learn how to be mindful to the moment so you can make informed decision in all aspects of your life.
• Expect to learn how to build better relationships so that you can achieve your goals and grow your authentic self.
• Expect to learn how to regulate your emotions so you can handle stress.
• Expect to learn how to make it through tough times and come out more effective.
• Expect to learn how to tap into your own inherent wisdom.

• Does anxiety or depression get in your way?
• Have difficulty getting ahead of work?
• Seeking to improve your personal life?
• Do you want to take better care of yourself?
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