How Can Dialectical Behavior Therapy Help Me?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) can help you “Build a Life Worth Living,” as Dr. Marsha Linehan, the founder, says.  I believe that the process becomes a means to build a “Life of Worth”. This is a life where you feel you have purpose, where you can make a connection to the world, and where you find work and relationships that are meaningful and fulfilling.

I can work with you through Dialectical Behavior Therapy to help you find your more authentic self, your wise mind, and help you feel comfortable being you.  DBT can help you see the world as a series of possibilities that you can learn to harness to make good things happen.  It can also help you handle those moments when things don’t go your way.  Dialectical Behavior Therapy can help you learn to understand and process your emotions, so they don’t take a hold of you.  It can help you find beauty in everyday things like arranging flowers, making coffee, or washing dishes.  It can help you develop patience skills to let things have time to unfold in their course or the impetus to take action when needed, and to tolerate the ambiguousness of complex situations to know how to behave.

Can you savor each moment of your life in a more complete way?  Can you find hope?  Can you find the strength to try again even despite setbacks?  If you would like to become better equipped with the skills to handle the elements of life, practicing Dialectical Behavior Therapy in NYC may be right for you.

Dialectical Behavior Skills Training can help you Build a Life of Worth to its fullest extent on all realms: Professional, Social, and Personal.  These skills can be purposeful for your whole life in your career, as a family member, and as a friend.

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