PsySoEd Dynamics, LLC helps mission-based corporate and institutional clients in various stages of development perform more effectively.

As Managing Director, Dr. Matthew G. Mandelbaum combines strategic planning, marketing, instruction, therapeutics, consultation, leadership and managerial skills, and research and development abilities to help corporate and institutional clients solve complex problems to reach their goals.

PsySoEd Dynamics, LLC works at the intersection of social entrepreneurship, psychology, and education to help clients clarify how their values and goals connect to transactions that lead to effective change.

By taking a multi-disciplinary approach to curriculum, intervention, and assessment and social entrepreneurship development, PsySoEd Dynamics brings unique insight and skills to solving problems:

  • Utilizing business, psychology, and education to improve the overall development of core constituencies, while supporting collaborating practitioners and institutions.
  • Facilitating change for individuals and systems following a thorough understanding of the internal and external environment.
  • Creating frameworks for cognitive, emotional, and behavioral change on individual, social, educational, and economic levels.

The PsySoEd framework, ProMote Impact TM, increases the power of mission-based organizations by understanding and improving processes and motivations.

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