Attention Professionals in Business, Healthcare, and Education: Are You Seeking Strategies for Life Effectiveness?

DBT Coaching and DBT Training for Professionals can help make you more effective across multiple areas in your life.

You can build upon your existing talents to:

Deepen self-understanding
to increase sense of
• Purpose
• Balance
• Effectiveness
• Power
• Hope
• Optimism
• Strength
• Wisdom
• Endurance
• Passion
• Curiosity
• Discovery
Improve Your Skills to

• Handle knowing, not knowing, and life’s non-linearity
• Evaluate options under uncertainty
• Analyze
• Intuit
• Calculate Risk-Reward, Cost-Benefit, Opportunity Cost
• Measure arbitrage
• Make choices
• Take perspective
• Increase mastery and performance abilities
Realize Goals through

• Action plans where values lead to Actions through Goals Strategies and Tactics
• Enhanced Problem Solving Skills
• Effective use of emotions
• Building of strong relationship networks
• Improved management of transitions and stress
• Systemic development


Some Potential Benefits of DBT Coaching and DBT Training for Professionals
across Domains of
Work, Personal, Family, and Friendship.


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Consider these Questions:

  • Has your intent focus on specific goals left you feeling lacking in other domains (personal, family, work or social life or your interests)?
  • Is your mind, body, or spirit telling you to create the life you want, which that might have been forgotten, while focusing so intently on prior goals?
  • Have the pressures of your life made it difficult to remember, enjoy, or do the things you love?
  • Have you reflected that you need more tools to help you solve problems like these?

You can unify your values, thoughts, feelings, and actions and return to your authentic self with the wisdom gained by experience.

  • DBT Coaching and DBT training for Professionals offer you techniques to understand the moment and the goings on inside of you and in your environment.
  • DBT Coaching Helps you be able to discern and appreciate features, advantages, and benefits of opportunities, actively problem solve, tolerate stress and transform negative emotions.
  • DBT Training for Professionals can give you an array of tools and can empower you to utilize them effectively.

You can increase your skills to be more effective
in your personal, social, professional, and academic lives.

Prospective clients get a complimentary
20-minute phone consultation.

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