DBT Individual Therapy in New York City

Dr. Matthew G. Mandelbaum, PhD offers DBT individual therapy in New York City for professionals in business, healthcare, education, and the arts, university students, and emerging adults.  Clients work with Dr. Mandelbaum when they begin to realize it’s time to learn to be more effective and authentic. 

The focus is to help individuals develop and use effective skills to build a life of worth in all areas of life: personal, social, academic, professional, spiritual, etc.

Using Dialectical Behavior Therapy techniques, Dr. Mandelbaum can help clients learn problem solving, mindfulness, relationship effectiveness, processing emotions, and tolerating stress in order to capitalize on their strengths and use them to improve upon areas in which they struggle.

Building upon expertise in psychology, education, and social entrepreneurship, Dr. Mandelbaum can help clients learn to see the world more accurately and feel grounded in the present, more connected to others, and more apt to develop and implement plans to make their life work.

Clients can learn to tap into and develop their inherent wisdom.  They can feel more adept at handling life’s complexities and enjoying life’s gifts of happiness.

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DBT Solutions in NYC

Matthew G. Mandelbaum, PhD 


Time to Learn to Be More Effective and Authentic

Time to learn to be more effective and authentic?

Are you looking for ways to improve your personal, social, familial, and professional effectiveness and satisfaction, while developing your authentic self?

If you are seeking some clarity, some breathing space, and some practical tools, Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT can help you improve how you think, feel, and act.

You can learn to be more effective and authentic.

You can deepen self-understanding

     to increase your sense of

• Purpose • Balance • Effectiveness • Power • Hope • Optimism • Strength • Wisdom

• Endurance • Passion • Curiosity • Discovery

You can improve your skills


• Handle knowing, not knowing, and life’s non-linearity • Evaluate options under uncertainty

• Analyze • Intuit • Calculate Risk-Reward, Cost-Benefit, Opportunity Cost • Measure arbitrage

• Make choices • Take perspective • Increase mastery and performance abilities

You can realize goals

• Action plans where values lead to Actions through Goals Strategies and Tactics
• Enhanced Problem Solving Skills • Effective use of emotions • Building of strong relationship networks
• Improved management of transitions and stress • Systemic development

Make the investment in yourself to Build a Life of Worth.

Take the time to learn and practice through our featured psychotherapy services

 Be Mindful • Tolerate and Reduce Stress
Regulate Emotions • Build Relationships

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DBT Solutions in NYC

For Professionals in Business, Healthcare,  the Arts and Education,

Emerging Adults and University Students

Matthew G. Mandelbaum, PhD 


Why Choose to Work with Dr. Matthew G. Mandelbaum, PhD, MSEd, MA?

Dr. Matthew G. Mandelbaum
New York State Licensed Psychologist

Please contact me for a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation at 212.933.0758 or

Select Credentials:
First cohort Member of the 2-year Linehan Institute Intensive & Comprehensive Training for Independent Practitioners

+ PhD Fordham University, Phi Kappa Phi
+ Executive Certificate Nonprofit Leadership, Fordham University
MSEd Bank Street College
MA New York University,  Psi Chi
BA University of Pennsylvania, Phi Beta Kappa

+ NYC Dept. of Small Business Services Success Award

Psychologist, DBT Therapist, Social Entrepreneur, Strategic Advisor, Consultant, Learning Specialist, Educator, Researcher, University Faculty Member

Psychological Services Offered 

 Point of View: I work with professionals in business, healthcare, the arts and education, emerging adults, and university students to increase their abilities for identity development, social growth, and professional and academic achievement.  My focus lies at the intersection of education, psychology, and social entrepreneurship to help you meet goals and a build life of worth across all domains.

I believe that the human capacities for hope, faith, and optimism are present in everyone, and that these capacities can be cultivated through DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy).  This therapy offers targeted, practical strategies to help you reach your goals.

You deserve to develop your most authentic self, by becoming more mindful of the context of the present moment and by developing an array of strategies that can help you tolerate stress, regulate your emotions, and build high-quality relationships.  You deserve to tap into and develop your inherent wisdom.  I want to help you with the process of empowering yourself to make decisions clearly and to be more effective in your thinking, acting, and doing.  I want to help you recognize all of the areas where you have strength and teach you how you can use your gifts to make improvements in areas of need.

It is exciting for me to help people become more reflective, and more motivated towards, and more skilled at making change in their lives.

I want to give you more options to choose from in various aspects of your life and help increase your skills at evaluating and selecting from these options.  My goal is to help you improve your level of resilience, self-concept, self-worth, self-esteem, and self-efficacy.

In all, my aim is to help you be you.  Let’s begin the process.

Please contact me for a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation at 212.933.0758 or


Emerging Adults (Not An Age Band, But A State Of Mind): Seeking Help Creating a Life You Want and Deserve?

There is a life out there that you want and NYC has it to offer.  But, you may be unsure of yourself and how to build a roadmap to make your dreams a reality.  Does that sound familiar?  Life can be hard as an Emerging Adult.  Decisions can be agonizing. You can learn to cope and make the most of it.

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DBT in NYC | Dialectical Behavior Therapy In New York City | What is DBT?

Emerging Adults, University Students, and Educators, This Short Video Can Help Get You Started.

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Dr. Matthew G. Mandelbaum, PhD, MSEd, MA offers DBT in NYC: Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Emerging Adults, Educators, and University Students, addressing their unique challenges, including identity development, social growth, and academic and professional achievement.


Who Can Benefit?

If you have difficulty processing your emotions or are engaging in behaviors that are less than helpful, DBT can be useful.

If you find yourself stuck in the past or worried about the future, DBT can be useful.

If you find yourself yearning for relationships that are more meaningful in your professional, scholastic, or social life, DBT can be useful.

If you are trying to make a plan for improving your life, but feel that you can’t follow it through, DBT can be useful.

If you feel stuck in your head or overly emotional and are yearning to be in a place where you feel grounded and wise, DBT can be useful. Read More


Could DBT Be Right for Me?

Do you want to be more savvy when it comes to living your life?

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels when it comes to spending energy on working on yourself, your relationships, and your work?

Do you wish you had more tools for managing emotions, thoughts, and behavior?

Do you find that you often think of things as all or nothing, black or white, and need to be able to tolerate ambiguity?

Do you want to live a life where you feel safe and supported and one where you are also able to have fun?

Do you find NYC both overwhelming and exciting?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy may be right for you.

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What Will I Do?

In Dialectical Behavior Therapy, you will learn to replace maladaptive behaviors with more helpful ones.  These new behaviors will be a part of one of four categories: Mindfulness (the ability to be wise and in the present moment), Interpersonal Effectiveness (the ability to form productive relationships with self-respect), Emotion Regulation (the ability to understand and manage the full range of emotions), and Distress Tolerance (the ability to take care of yourself during sub-optimal times).

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Emerging Adulthood is not an age band…It’s a state of mind.

DBT Skills Groups for Adults in NYC:


Emerging Adulthood is not an age band…

It’s a state of mind.


If you are trying to get your life in gear, you are an emerging adult.

If you have goals and ambitions and you can’t link the beginning to the end, you are an emerging an adult.

If you feel that your life seems unsettled and that you need to work on an action plan to make yourself feel more complete, you are an emerging adult.


There is a life out there that you want and NYC may have it to offer.  But, you may be unsure of yourself and how to build a roadmap to make your dreams a reality.


You can learn to build a life worth living.


∆ Having trouble finding a balance between work and leisure?

∆ Want to be more mindful so you can make better decisions?

∆ Want to be able to take calculated risks to achieve your goals?

∆ Seeking authentic personal and professional relationships?

∆ Looking to be more comfortable with a broad array of emotions?
∆ Need to handle stress better?

∆ Want to be more resilient?


Join Linehan Institute Trained, Licensed Psychologist Dr. Matthew G. Mandelbaum, PhD’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training Group customized for the Emerging Adult to help you be more effective in the professional, social, and personal realms and help you build a life worth living.


This DBT Skills Group utilizes the most recent manual from
Dr. Marsha Linehan, and offers training in mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance that can help you improve your problem solving abilities, so you can be more effective in accomplishing your short- and long-term goals. These groups can help those with a variety of diagnoses.


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Groups begin soon.

DBT for Emerging Adults, Educators, and University Students

19 West 34th Street, Penthouse, New York, NY 10001


What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)?

DBT was developed to help people build a “Build a Life Worth Living,” as creator Dr. Marsha Linehan says.  Dr. Matthew Mandelbaum finds that it can help people “Build a Life of Worth”.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) was developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan. It is an evidence-based treatment designed to help people “Build a Life Worth Living,” as Dr. Marsha Linehan says.  DBT combines Western practices of cognitive behavioral therapy with Eastern contemplative practices of mindfulness to create problem solving skills that bring about change.   With dialectics, people learn to avoid black and white thinking and can learn to tolerate ambiguity to see the potential for development.  Originally developed  to worked with clients who have borderline personality disorder, DBT has been used to treat those who have depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders and other conditions.

People have come to DBT seeking help with life skills that cover  four main competencies: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance.

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