The undergraduate and graduate school years can present itself with significant challenges to overcome.  Learning to balance your academic career with a social life and the responsibility of self-care can be a lot to manage, especially in New York City.  While these times can be exciting, they can also cause some anxiety or depressed feelings and leave you feeling overwhelmed.  The successes of your previous academic environment may not transfer directly to your current situation, which may be troubling.  Are you in need of an organizational framework for handling the pressures of your schooling and personal life?  Are you looking to increase hopefulness and optimism? Do you want to learn how to make the most of your experiences? DBT may be right for you.

Academic success is about learning to master material and gain a handle on workflow.  You have to choose your classes, organize your assignments, and develop a roadmap to graduation.  Social success is about learning how to make good choices when it comes to relationships.  You have to learn how to get what you want and say no to what you don’t, while developing high-quality relationships that preserve your self-respect.  Personal success is about learning how to understand and process your emotions to cultivate positive experiences.  You also need to learn how take care of yourself in good times and in times that are difficult.  You may need some help handling all of these issues at once.  DBT can be of help.

University life is about finding a balance between work and leisure in a healthy way.  It is about being mindful of your needs and your surroundings and creating good relationships to achieve your goals.  It is about processing feelings and taking calculated, safe risks to advance your career and your personal development.  It is about building a strong foundation of all the aspects of yourself, so that you can grow with confidence.  DBT can give you problem-solving skills for all of these areas.

Having been a student on the undergraduate level and making it through three advance degrees, having taught on the every age group from elementary to the undergraduate and graduate levels, I have a unique understanding of how to apply DBT to a university setting and help students develop a plan to succeed academically, professionally, socially, and personally to become their most authentic selves.  I also know how to apply it to the challenges of living in NYC to further customize the learning.

Whether you are in school or are on the verge to go or go back, I can help you prepare for a more successful experience.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy incorporates Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance Skills to help bring about change.  These are necessary life skills for handling your development.  Some people were fortunate to receive them through their childhood and adolescence, others need to learn them to help them be more effective in achieving their goals.  The University experience can be the first time that you realize you are missing some skills that you could find useful.  DBT can offer those skills.

Through individual and group therapies to help you meet your goals, I want to help you on your journey.

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