Are you an Executive, Business Professional, Emerging Adult, Educator (Teacher), or University Student in NYC looking to make your life more meaningful?

Do you want to be more present in the moment, while reflecting on your past and planning for your future?

Do you want to be more effective in your relationships to get want you want and say no to what you don’t, while keeping your self-respect? Do you want to be able to regulate your emotions and handle distress?

If you are seeking to build a life that is full of purpose, my dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills groups may be appropriate.

I am now offering DBT Skills Groups for Emerging Adults, Educators, & University Students several times a week in New York City.  Executive Effectiveness Training using Dialectical Behavior Skills for Executives and Business Professionals are also available.  Individual sessions are offered, too.  Sessions are offered in Midtown Manhattan, conveniently located near several subways and buses.

Contact me now for a free 20-Minute Consultation to talk about DBT in NYC.