Failure to Launch Syndrome experiences can cause high anxiety for emerging adults and their families.

Imagine you have invested so much time effort and money into attempting to implement your life plans. Then you cannot seem to make it happen. This is a Failure to Launch Syndrome situation.

You might experience high anxiety or low energy. You may feel intense anger, fear, guilt, or shame. You might feel anxiety and depression concurrently. It might be very confusing.

You might have difficulty with work, school, or relationships.

How to solve Failure to Launch Syndrome problems and get yourself back on track?


You need someone with expertise in learning and development who can help you clarify your values and improve your skills to get from values to goals to strategies to tactics.  Let’s harness anxiety and transform anxiety into excitement and action.


The skillset to remedy Failure to Launch Syndrome and reduce its anxiety include educational, psychological, and social entrepreneurship skills. I have expertise in all 3 domains and I help people get back on track to build the lives they want.


As a licensed psychologist, I am intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, having completed the first cohort of the 2-year Linehan Institute Behavioral Tech DBT Team-Building Intensive.  In my private practice, I use DBT to cultivate a client’s wisdom and ability to live mindfully, building a life worth living across all domains.  This includes reducing non-effective, non-life-affirming behaviors and replacing them with more effective ones.


I help transform Failure to Launch Syndrome by helping clients become more skillful problem-solvers who are more authentic, more resilient, and more effective at transforming challenges into success.  For those seeking to return to university, I integrate DBT with academic and social-emotional learning and achievement for success in all arenas of school-life.  My focus in working with Emerging Adults is to help develop their talents and hone skills to control their  anxiety and  build more fulfilling, action-oriented lives.


Learning difficulties often lead to Failure to Launch Syndrome issues and corresponding anxiety.  Having taught every age band from elementary through graduate school in public, private, and parochial general and special education settings, I understand and train a diverse set of learners for achievement at a broad range of goals.  I bring this skillset to help reduce Failure to Launch Syndrome problems and it’s corresponding anxiety.


I use DBT as an approach to teaching, learning, and being that promotes discovery, development, and understanding of the dynamics of change.  Through learning the DBT mindset and skillset, clients are more apt to move from values to goals to strategies to tactics.  They are more prone to understand and seek transactions that build wisdom, hope, faith, and optimism.   Clients have learned to think in the dialectical framework and to appreciate the ambiguity and ambivalence of intertemporal choice.


Through group and individual therapies, I help clients reduce ineffective behaviors, and promote professional, academic, and social-emotional development, including more engagement in school, higher grades, improved relations with family and friends, employment and employment growth.  Clients have felt more autonomous, competent, and related in multiple aspects of their life. I also families understand the variables of mental illness so that they can contribute to the healing and growth of their loved ones.

A syndrome can be temporary. A syndrome can be managed.

How can I help you transform Failure to Launch Syndrome into Failure to Launch for Now into Ready for Launch?

A walk starts with one step.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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